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Evo Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin 200ml

A wax for all hair types, which provides a strong hold and can be reactivated with water. Protects against humidity

Evo Shebangabang Dry Spray Wax 200ml

For all hair types and lengths that need elasticity and texture. The product has a very thin and fine formulation

Four Reasons No Nothing Sensitive Wax 100ml

Fragrance-free modelling wax for sensitive scalp. Gives elastic but strong hold to all hairstyles. Bamboo extract strengthens and restores the

Four Reasons Original Fiber Wax 100ml

Fiber-rich wax gives hair texture and flexible hold. Xanthan gum makes the wax soft and easy to handle. Hold 4/6

Four Reasons Original Matte Paste 100ml

Hair wax gives texture and strong hold. Leaves hair bouncy and easy to restyle. Contains nourishing bamboo sap extract. Hold

Four Reasons Original Molding Paste 100ml

Creamy hair wax gives flexible support, volume and texture. Spreads easily and is best suitable for natural-looking, carefree styling, especially

Four Reasons Original Power Gel 100ml

Strong hair gel gives a strong hold while strengthening and nourishing hair Hairstyle will shine and last until brushed out.

IdHair Black Xclusive Hemp Wax 100ml

Matte wax gives your hair texture and strong hold while being modelable throughout the day. Wax is easy to use

IdHair Black Xclusive Matte Fiber Wax 100ml

Fiber wax for short and medium length hair. Gives a natural matte finish and can be easily washed out from

IdHair Curly Xclusive Anti-Frizz Curl Gel 200ml

Strong gel that provides long lasting and defined frizz free curls. The natural plant-based styling polymers make the gel resistant

IdHair Curly Xclusive Soft Definition Cream 200ml

For defined weightless curls with a light hold. Enriched with glossy Coconut Oil and moisturising Glycerine and Panthenol.

IdHair ME Clay in a Spray 150ml

Clay in a Spray is your perfect compliant teammate when you wish to create a look with definition. WAX IN